Important Information

Important Information
Posted on 03/24/2020
We Miss YouGood Afternoon Woodbury Elementary Families,

I hope this message finds each of you well! It’s hard to believe that it’s been over two weeks since we’ve had students in the building... We miss each and every one of them! Please send our “Hello” to all of our Woodbury El students!

We are navigating unprecedented territory, but our learning community will get through these tough times together. As you know, Governor Walz closed all Minnesota Schools through Friday, March 27, 2020.  Our staff has been busy planning and preparing for distance learning since we returned from Spring Break, and we will be working through March 27th to prepare lessons for your students to access from home likely starting on Monday, March 30th. While we have many plans yet to put in place in order to make this transition a success, there are several things we can be doing now to make things go smoothly for everyone involved. 

Last week, the staff at Woodbury Elementary, reached out to you to inquire about your access to technology and WiFi connectivity.  Teachers have put together supply bags that are to be picked up, in addition, devices will be provided with these supplies for families that indicated need.  In an effort to reduce outside traffic in our schools, we have also gathered items from desks and lockers in the event that we will be providing distance learning for an extended period of time.  For ALL students, the curriculum delivery for distance learning will be via Seesaw. Your child’s teacher will be sharing more information about how students can access SeeSaw from home, if they haven’t already done so. Please keep in mind that your children can share devices that you have at home. Lessons will be available for you to view and complete each day at a time that works for you and your children.

Families picking up supplies and or devices should follow our pick-up schedule for the rest of the week

  • Wednesday, 3/25 - Students with the last name A - L  8am - 1pm;  M - Z  1pm - 5pm
  • Thursday, 3/26 - Students with the last name M - Z  8am - 1pm;  A - L  1pm - 5pm 
  • Friday, 3/27 - 8am-12pm Students/Families who were unable to pick up materials on Wednesday or Thursday.

PLEASE follow these guidelines for the safety of staff, students and families:

  • Pull up to the front curb, just like for drop-off and pick-up. Pull forward as cars exit in front of you and wait patiently. PLEASE stay in your car. This may take some time.
  • A Staff member will come to your passenger side window. 
  • Please have your ID available.  
  • Please have your student names and teachers listed on paper that you will put in the passenger-side window or hold up to so the staff can see. 
  • Staff will walkie to people inside the names of students.
  • Wait patiently
  • Staff will walk it out and deliver the materials to  you for pick-up. Then there will be no human-human contact. 
  • Please note that due to social distancing requirements, there will be no access to the building - all hallways and classrooms will be locked and there will be no access to lockers.


Thank you for your continued partnership and commitment to the Woodbury Elementary Learning Community.  If you have any questions about pick-up, please contact the front office at (651) 425-4600


As we have seen time and time again, our dedicated teachers and staff are working hard to make sure that your students' educational and social-emotional needs are being met. Please know that we are working through this together as one district, one school, and one community with the hope of making the transition go as smoothly as possible. 

If you have immediate concerns about your student's safety or are in need of resources for your family, please contact:       

            Tony Mosser, Principal:

Kristine McDonald, Assistant Principal: 

            Courtney Oliver, Social Worker:

 As this situation continues to develop and procedures are put in place, please continue to check your personal email as well as the website.

Thank you so much for your time and patience during this interesting time in our world’s history. Be safe, and know that we are wishing your family well!

Tony Mosser
Woodbury Elementary